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"You Weren't Born Just to Survive, You Were Born to Thrive!"
Removing Lifestyle and Health Roadblocks and Letting Go of Old Patterns & Habits
Finding The Courage To Honor Traumas & The Need For Honest Change
Shanna's story about how she was debilitated by multiple autoimmune illnesses, emotional and physical abuse & PSTD as a non-combat military veteran, will be featured in her upcoming book slated to be released in 2018. Her story tells how she dug deep and found the courage to seek out answers and further education on how she can make healing changes to lead a more fulfilling life with her family. Now several years later, having implemented her knowledge and a much healthier life, she passes on her knowledge to her clients.
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The Professionals' Roundtable with Rick Delgado
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Shanna is joining the show weekly in 2018, to help audiences decipher what is real health & wellness advice and what is just marketing hype.
About Shanna Rathbone
Shanna helps people reform their health, literally from the roots. “I conduct in depth health histories and practice active listening to get to the root of my clients issues. Many times the problem they come to me with, ends up revealing a deeper issue that needs to be addressed. I offer a 6-month program, meeting for an hour every other week where we work through the issues that many people don't even realize are holding them back from fully experiencing life. When we get to the root of the issue, by making lifestyle and dietary changes and filling the nutritional gaps with key deficient supplements, they start seeing small victories and begin moving forward with healing. This is how my I help my clients gain clarity - and more importantly, confidence and hope!”
Forever Changing Your Health Begins With Addressing Your 
Primary Nutrition
Supporting Awareness and Fundraising for DAV
The Disabled American Veterans, or DAV, is an organization chartered by the United States Congress for disabled military veterans of the United States Armed Forces that helps them and their families through various means.
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